BSP Farm

About BSP Farm

BSP Organic Farm is an organic farm located on the altitude +/- 1,000 m above sea level in West Java, near Mt. Salak. In Cooperation with PT Kapol Internusa (holds HGU permit), BSP Organic Farm offers environment & program activities that focus on healthy lifestyle including healthy food & its preparation, physical activity and their relationship to healthy lifestyle.

At BSP Organic Farm, vegetables and fruits are grown organically by using pristine water directly from one of the mount Salak natural spring water. The farm also organizes events related to organic farming. While being here, people might also enjoy plenty of hands-on farming experience and delicious traditional meal prepared by the wives of the local farmers.

  1. Learn the basics of organic farming from the farmers themselves!
  2. Enjoy the sunrise at the tea plantation
  3. Fun Glamping - Glamorous Camping on site
1. Learn organic farming

There are various kind of vegetables & fruits in BSP Organic Farm. You can experience first hand activities inside the organic garden, and even grow your own vegetables if you want to. The activities might also give you the joy from the hard work and the experience of being a farmer at BSP Organic Farm

2. Camping

Camping in BSP Organic Farm will be one of a way for you to go bact to nature after the hustle bustle of the city. Here you can relish the moment of nature by setting up cozy tents near breathtaking view of the rice terrace valley. BSP Farm provides comfortable tents on the strategic camping ground. But you might also use your own tents if you want to.

3. Trekking

One of the healthy routines you might try in BSP Farm is trekking. Here, your trekking routes can be customized based on requests. You can explore the coffee plantation, tea plantation, go to the waterfall, walk through the rice terrace or even do the river trekking. The trekking might take about 30 minutes walk up to 4 hours, depends on the routes your desire.

Not only your attempt of being healthy and refreshed will be granted, here your eyes wil surely rejuvenate by seeing the soothing green nature surrounding BSP Farm.

You can start your journey to BSP Farm with those routes:

If you depart from Jakarta, the car journey usually takes about 2 hours to BSP Organic Farm.

Another alternative is to take the Pangrango Train serving Bogor-Sukabumi route from Bogor and you get off at "Cigombong" station where we will pick you up. Trains to Cigombong take around 40 minutes.