Pulo Cinta


Pulo Cinta is located in Boalemo Regency in Gorontalo, Celebes. It is accessible by plane from Jakarta (4 hours flight) and another 2 hours trip on land & boat to reach this pristine, private eco luxury island resort. Pulo Cinta is a new establishment and is 100% solar powered, with high-end facilities that will guarantee a comfortable stay for domestic and international travelers alike.

Literally means Love Island, Pulo Cinta is a very suitable place for indulging oneself into romantic natural beauty. Romanticism can be sensed not only from the story behind the island but also from the heart shaped form of the island. The island was deserted and unpopulated but now it has 15 unique resorts there, waiting for the travelers to taste it's heart-throbbing tropical nuance.

  1. Take hundreds of picturesque shots in this beautiful, secluded private island
  2. Candlelight dinner for two - indulge your partner in a romantic night under the stars
1. Underwater Discovery

The marine life of Celebes Island has been known as one of the best in the world. In Pulo Cinta, you will have your chance to dip into the clear crystal water of Boalemo. Here your choices are opened widely. You can do diving, scuba diving or snorkeling as you like and enjoy the rich underwater life of Tomini Gulf.

2. Botubarani Experience

The location is very close to Gorontalo. The place has been well known for whale shark sanctuary. Here you can witness the harmony between human and the nature.

3. Romantic Getaway

Dining in candlelight between the white sand under the stars will be a fine memory for your romance. Standing among 23 inhabited islands with private bungalow in Tomini Gulf, Pulo Cinta gives the best experience for honeymoon. Giving you perfect chance to enjoy unspoiled white sand beach, dip into the coral reefs or snuggling in the warmth of tropical nuance with your loved ones.

4. Escape to A Luxury Island Resort

While your daily activities have been crowded by the hustle bustle of the city, here you will get a chance for relaxing in a quiet and secluded luxurious resort. Its spacious bungalow area, eco friendly yet well-equipped facility and unimpeded access to Tomini Guld majestic view will surely give you leisure from the sore of city traffic. Promising you spirit rejuvenation to get back to work.

From Jakarta:

Take a plane to Gorontalo (about 4 hours)

From Gorontalo, take a private transfer (land and then boat) to Pulo Cinta (about 2 hours)

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