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Five Things You Have to Do at Pulo Cinta

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Five Things You Have to Do at Pulo Cinta

Pulo Cinta: An escape you don’t want to miss.

Get ready to reinvent yourself at the latest happening destination in town. The picture below may have appeared on your social media feed and countries like Maldives or Fiji might be the first thing that pops to your mind. For those who don’t know where it is, be surprised that this new discovered gem is Indonesian owned and located in Boalemo Regency in Gorontalo, 6 hours away from Jakarta. Let’s find out more!

Its twelve luxurious villas and architectural design resembling the island’s shape adds so much charm to what’s already there. Crystal clear waters, white sand beach and limitless horizon are the views that you can get just right at your bed. Not to mention you can also swim and feel the warmth of the Gorontalo’s water right in front of your doorstep. The breathtaking views and quiet atmosphere are making Pulo Cinta a perfect place to have a downtime moment away from home and you’ll definitely be swayed.

Looking at all the pictures, you might be thinking that this is only a place for honeymoon getaway with the “private” ambiance that Pulo Cinta offers and those spectacular views. No, you are wrong. Just name it; Pulo Cinta has so much to offer for everyone,

We have assembled a list of five things you can do at Pulo Cinta:

1. Say Hello to Gorontalo’s Beautiful Underwater Residents
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Dive or snorkel into the beauty of Gorontalo waters, as it is known for its undersea paradise. With its pristine dive sites, clear water and high visibility; this is the spot for you divers! Time to say hi to the residents and bring home the memories.

2. Take A Selfie with The Friendly Whale Shark

What is more thrilling than being able to get up close and personal with one of the biggest fish in the world? With just 100 meters from the offshore you can immerge with the ocean and twirl together with these babies; 12-metre long gigantic white dotted fish. It’s definitely not a miss and will be an unforgettable experience.

3. Take A Picture-Perfect Break at The Luxury Eco-Resort (with Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song in the background :P).
screenshot_2016-05-14-11-03-21_com-instagram-android_1463378855207 p-cinta-room-0828 img_20160428_202247 file_007

Not just the sea and its surroundings, the alluring resort itself also serves as an escape and break you totally deserve. Let it be sunbathing, swinging, enjoying the sunset and sleeping in the whole day inside your luxurious villa. What could be better than this? 

4. Escape to a Secret Haven
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Let it be wild, loud and filled with unforgettable moments, ladies; Pulo Cinta is just the right place for you to have your or your friends’ bachelorette parties, or even just a girls’-only-get away-break. What happens in Pulo Cinta stays in Pulo Cinta and no one will ever find out. Psstt..

5. Get Your Compulsory Dose of Vitamin Sea
file_001 img_8815-01 file_006 file_008

As funny as it sounds, it’s so important to get your vitamin sea. The research shows that the sound of waves alters our brain pattern into a relaxed state that can rejuvenate the mind and body. Also, floating in the sea brings more oxygen to our brain, which makes us more alert and active. No kidding!

With this astonishing beauty, we couldn’t agree more that Pulo Cinta is very close to being heaven on earth. You can go to TravelPeople’s website by clicking here: Pulo Cinta to find out more about the details and how to book your next holiday!

Let’s go and explore this secret haven before everyone else does!

Photo Credits: Pulo Cinta  & Marischka Prudence 

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