Jakarta In 48 Hours

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So, you’re on a business trip or in transit in this metropolitan city and have a couple of days to spare? Don’t worry, even if you only have short time in Jakarta, you can still visit most of its best attractions.

Jakarta is Indonesia’s beloved capital, the center of all economic and political activities in the country. This huge metropolis is also the second most populous urban city in the world.

Jakarta’s business opportunities, as well as its potential to offer a higher standard of living, attracts people from all over Indonesian archipelago, making the city a melting pot of many communities and cultures.

Despite the fact that Jakarta is a busy metropolitan famous for its terrible traffic jams, there are still many interesting places to visit. For example, places like Jakarta Kota Tua (Old Town), Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (The Arts Building), Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral tends to make people forget that they are in the middle of very populous, hot and humid metropolitan area. At night, places like Kemang and Jaksa Street are known for the best place to spend nighttime. If one wants to quench their thirst of history and education, places like National Museum, Maritime Museum, National Monument, Merdeka Square, and Museum Bank Indonesia will surely satisfy them.

Also a couple of hours from Jakarta, there’s the Thousand Islands which offers many island resorts with fun water activities, and on the south there are greener out-of-the-city places like Puncak & Bogor where you can still find beautiful green rice paddies and mountains to hike!



Full Capital Experience in 48 hours
So – if you only have 48 hours or less in this city, we have just the perfect itinerary for you!


Day One

After breakfast, your first destination is Jakarta Old Town. This historical quarter is a reminder of how the cityscape looked before it has skyscrapers. The main attraction is its Museum Fatahillah where you can learn about the colonial history of Jakarta.
You could rent bikes in Old Town for visiting historical places like Port of Batavia, Maritime Museum, and Jembatan Kota Intan.



Museum Fatahillah at Jakarta Old Town in the morning. The fun bikes are ready for rent.


After finish exploring Old Town, you can head to the famous Jalan Gang Kelinci. In here you can enjoy delicious yet not too pricey lunch. People always come  here to eat at Bakmi Gang Kelinci, Indonesia’s famous old-school noodle restaurant.
Aside from the noodles, this street should also gives you an old school atmosphere just like the Old Town offers.


Picture from wikimedia.org            Best noodle in the capital. Picture from tripadvisor.com


After you’re full with all the delicious noodle goodness, you can proceed to Jakarta Arts Building (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta). This is Indonesia’s oldest theatre which would be the perfect place if one wants to see puppet performance, traditional dances, and traditional ensembles.
The building itself has bold historical touch, also perfect if you want to take some awesome photos for your social media.

The old architecture of Art Building. Picture taken from cityseeker.com


Now, you are entering the area where the two most sacred place in Jakarta reside, The Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral. Istiqlal is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, whilst Cathedral is the largest church in Jakarta.
Both have unique architecture and will give you peaceful atmosphere while you are wandering inside the buildings. Many say that these buildings are evidence of the tolerance and harmony that is something to be achieved in this life, because they reside just literally across the street from each other.


Picture taken from indonesiatravelguides.com     Picture taken from Indonesia-Tourism.com


After finishing up at Cathedral you can move on to the National Museum. It is one of the oldest museum in Jakarta, which stores collections of past civilization relics and historical documents. There are rich variations of historical collections that will draw your attention.


After walking around in the hot, humid weather for the whole day, you should visit Kokuo Reflexology in Menteng area. It is one of the best place to get a good massage. You could really chill and relax for a while in here. Aside from having the best massage service, it also has clean environment and nice ambience.


Feeling refreshed after the massage? well now you are ready to head to one of the best restaurants in Kemang Raya Street: The Papilion Rooftop (SHY Rooftop). You can enjoy a delicious dinner on its rooftop with Jakarta cityscape as the background. This is one of the best way to enjoy dinner in this mega-city.

It has variety of cuisine from Indonesian, Japanese, and Western, and it will surely satisfy your appetite. Other than that, it also has a stunning interior design that makes you want to spend a long time in here.

A nice rooftop dinner. Picture belongs to qraved.com


After dinner, it is time for you to enjoy Jakarta’s nightlife at the most recommended place in Kemang Raya: Queen’s Head. It offers nice atmosphere for you to hang out, alongside the awesome interiors and nice music.

Not too far from Kemang, you can also continue to hang out at LOLA – Espíritu y Libación, a relatively new, speakeasy bar that has a touch of Latin American design and offers good cocktails alongside liquors selection. It will only take 20 minutes from Queen’s Head Kemang for you to get here. Enjoy chilling up until midnight and prepare yourself for next day’s trip!



Inside Queen’s Head. Picture taken from tempo.co         Inside LOLA. Picture taken from generation-g.id



Day Two

Wakey wakey! Have yourself a bountiful breakfast & lots of vitamin C to flush out the drinks you had last night!
So, yesterday was all about the city experience, but today you’re about to get the best of what the capital can offer.

Yup, that’s right, prepare yourself for the Thousand Islands which located north of Jakarta City.
Be at the pier in Marina Ancol before 8am and you will be transferred by fast boat to Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) in approximately 90 minutes. Make sure you’ve booked in advance!


Now you have arrived at Pulau Macan and can start exploring the island. This island is a beautiful Jakarta’s backyard which act as an eco resort & village for any visitors. Anything in Pulau Macan is nature friendly, so it is recommended by us if you want to get the perfect escape from Jakarta’s dense pollution.

There are a lot of things you can do even if you are only here half a day, which are snorkeling, trekking, canoeing, even just relaxing and sunbathing. This is also the best place for you that likes to take pictures.


Clear sky at Pulau Macan. Picture from discoveryourindonesia.com  Chill and relax. Picture from tripadvisor.com


The boats leave at 2pm every day from the islands to head to Jakarta’s Marina. So, grab your belongings and let’s head back to the city!


Finally, you are back in Jakarta. Congratulations, you just experience the capital in less than 48 hours! if you have more time you can always visit the malls, we’re famous for it for something. Otherwise, on to the airport to catch your flight. See you next time!