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Old Town Bike Tour

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Old Town Bike Tour

Cycling in the biggest city in Indonesia? Why not? As one of the capital city and the oldest town in Indonesia, Jakarta has so many hidden gems and historical places to be explored, especially in Old Town area. If you are looking a different experience in exploring Old Town, then bike tour might be an excellent option.

On July 2017, TravelPeople organized a bike tour for a family from Netherlands. We started the tour from Old Town Square where we can find many historical museums in the surroundings. When it came the time to choose the bikes, we were so excited, because the bicycles in Old Town were nothing usual! They were colorful, oldies style, and it had cute hat matched with the color of the bike.

First destination, we passed by the Red Shop, which we called Toko Merah. It was one of the oldest building in Jakarta. Then, we visited Sunda Kelapa Harbour & Diamond Bridge to take several pictures.

Crossing the busy street might be a challenge for some people, however, we manage to cross the streets quite nicely, of course, with the help of our professional tour guide. Next destination was Bahari Museum, where we could see the harbour from the top!

Finishing the bike tour in Old Town, we proceed to China Town. We took public bus and walked around the traditional market. There were many traditional street food, unique vegetables, and living animals (we saw living frogs which were tied and ready to be cooked). We also went to the oldest Temple in Jakarta, Toa Sebio.

Lastly, we went to the oldest coffee shop in Jakarta, Kopi es Tak Kie. It was built in 1927 and the interior said it all. It was still original & was preserved by the family. The shop was quite famous as many important people visited this place and tasted the coffee. It was proved by the pictures hanging on the wall, one of them include the current president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.



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