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Why I Love to Travel

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Why I Love to Travel

Working as a freelancer writer has allowed me flexible time, and which often exposes me to making hasty, impulsive decisions to travel. As a result, every time people saw me, they say: “Hey, you've been traveling a lot! I saw all your pictures on social media. How do you manage to do that?". Usually, I will answer with the sweetest smile and try stealthily to shift the topic.

I have officially fell in love with travel and such it has become a basic need, a big part of my life! While there are so many reasons behind it, here are a couple of main reasons why:

1.Traveling is For Everyone

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Majority of people I know has an eagerness to travel, however, even when they get the "itchy feet", they seem to always have an excuse to not go: “I need to pay my rent”, “I have a child”, “I can’t take a leave”, and countless other reasons. They consciously draw a bold line that separates the lucky people—those who can travel—and themselves.

Little do they know that traveling is not something that we can do only when we already have a lot of money in the bank. Or that it’s something you can do after you have purchased a house, a car, a motorbike, a new phone, etc. To travel, you only need the willingness to leave your familiar world for a second.

Everyone can always travel according to their own style and budget. The journey needs not be expensive and luxurious. The destination does not need to be far away. The duration needs not be very long. A well-spent weekend can be a perfect start for your subsequent adventures or it could be a much-needed break from your hellish busy weekdays that you may sorely need.

2. Travel Makes Us a Better Person

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The million-dollar question: Why does one need to travel? 

Some people will answer it with the need to meet new friends, escape from monotony, to update their social media, or to enjoy new sceneries. Whatever your reason is, the saying that goes, “We travel not to escape life but for life not escape us” has a ring of truth in it.

Travel does not merely make you see the world from a different point of view, but it is also the thing that you spent money on but eventually makes you richer. How come?

When you make a decision to travel, you step out of your comfort zone and get yourself ready for the world. You open yourself to many opportunities, expand your horizon and expose your heart to numerous possibilities that you never know existed before. Absorb a bunch of these little new things, and all of that will come with amazing bonuses like friendship, a new cultural understanding, a new experience—things that will indeed make you a more open-minded person. By traveling you start your transformation to become a better you, better person.

3. Travel Leave Us Feeling Grateful
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When we travel, being far away from home, we become a lot more aware of our surrounding. We pay attention to the smallest of details: a smile, a gesture, the weather, even the ordinary blue sky will brighten our day! The smallest gestures capture our attention - a little help from a kind stranger makes us feel special, a splendid sunrise can boost our mood for the whole day, a hearty meal after a very long walk can make you smile from ear to ear. You just can't help not to feel grateful!

Travel has its own way to make us remember our Creator. When we stand in front of nature, whether it be a view fro the tallest mountain top, a midnight sky with bright starry skies from the Milky Way, or even the beautiful alienesque corals and fish underwater, we can't help but feel in awe of our Creator and be thankful that we get to enjoy His Masterpiece freely. Like what Kurt Vonnegut said "Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God."

So there you go, I think that's a good start - though there are just so many more reasons out there - this is probably the three main ones for me.

Remember, at the end of the day, the destination is not the most important thing about travel. What matters more are the people you meet in the journey, the stories that you hear, the new culture you experience, new friends you bond with, new facts you learn about. Let your spirit be aroused and let yourself be immersed in something that is not all about you.

Expand your horizon, expand your heart, and bring your curiosity with you. Enjoy your journey and save an extra seat for a surprise!


By Natalia Oetama

A geothermal engineer who prefers to be a freelance writer. I am addicted to travel and enjoy getting lost in a new place. Framing stories and snapping a pictures, especially flower and nature. Enjoy talking to strangers and hear a local story or legend. Falling in love with sunset, blueskies and petrichor.